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Testosterone is a hormone that is owned by men, where this hormone has a very vital role for male performance as a whole. Testosterone deficiency can cause many problems such as feeling tired easily, increased fat levels, decreased sexuality and many other problems caused by a lack of Testosterone.

Prime Male is present as a very effective supplement to help increase testosterone production, the older the testosterone in the body will decrease, this Prime Male supplement can increase your testosterone up to 10 to 20 years younger than your current age in just months or even weeks, and you will immediately feel the various improvements.

You can feel your strength just like when you were a teenager with endless energy and stamina and high vitality during sex. Don't let your testosterone decrease if you don't want to experience a decrease in your quality of life as you get older. Keep it all together with Prime Male.

Prime Male is a natural supplement made from 100% natural ingredients that have been clinically tested, so this supplement is very safe for you and you will definitely not feel bad side effects. Prime Male guarantees all of your satisfaction.

How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male provides an increase in your energy and stamina, with 12 essential nutrients contained in this supplement that is very effective in re-building you at the age of 20 with a fit and highly energized body, no other supplement provides such a complete formulation.

Prime Male contains D-AA-CC, which is an amino acid that can function to provide information to the brain to release luteinizing hormone (LH), and this LH is a hormone that can increase testosterone production in the testes.

In the Prime Male formulation there is also magnesium which is effective at reducing SHGB in the bloodstream, SHGB can make male sex hormones less active which results in decreased sexuality. with reduced SHGB, your sexuality will increase significantly.

In the male body there is also the hormone Estrogen, which is a sex hormone for women, if the estrogen hormone increases it will certainly result in decreased testosterone, therefore Prime Male also functions to reduce estrogen in your body so that testosterone production increases.

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Prime Male - Advantages

Increase Energy And Stamina

Restore your energy and stamina like when you were 20 years old, with endless energy you can do many things like when you were young.

Get Lean Muscle

Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in building big and strong muscles, with more testosterone the faster muscle growth will be.

Increase Libido And Vitality

Decreasing testosterone will have an effect on decreasing sexuality, so to maintain your vitality as you get older is to increase testosterone production.

Lower Body Fat Levels

deposits of fat in the body greatly interfere with your appearance, by increasing testosterone can increase your metabolism and burn more fat in your body.

Increase Endurance

With more energy and stamina, your endurance will certainly increase and you will not feel tired easily and you will be able to focus and concentrate longer in all your activities.

Improve Mood And Self-Confidence

With all the improvements you get, you will certainly be more confident because you have an outstanding performance like when you were young, and you will be more excited about your day.

Prime Male - Ingredients

prime male ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (D-AA-CC)

This is the amino acid releasing luteinizing hormone (LH), a hormone that stimulates your brain to feed the testicles to produce more testosterone.


bioperin is an ingredient to maximize the absorption of nutrients from other ingredients so that all ingredients can provide their maximum benefits.


Based on many studies, consuming Boron 6 mg per day can increase testosterone by 29.5%, and can also reduce levels of Estrogen or female hormones by 39%.


Magnesium is a source of energy for our bodies, but it also functions to reduce SHGB and increase testosterone production which can improve overall male performance.

Korean Red Ginseng

Ginseng is a typical Chinese herb that has been used for thousands of years to increase energy and stamina, and of course to improve male sexuality, but it turns out that Ginseng is also very effective at increasing testosterone production.


This fruit contains natural compounds that can inhibit aromatase and reduce the production of estrogen (female hormone), and can also stimulate androgens to produce more testosterone.

Mucuna Pruriens

the increase in the hormone estrogen causes low testosterone, and this material serves to inhibit the production of estrogen in the male body, and this material is also a strong amino acid as a testosterone booster and growth hormone.

Nettle Root

One that can inhibit testosterone production is SHGB which makes testosterone inactive, this material functions to bind SHGB so that more testosterone will be available to increase your performance.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin can stimulate androgens to provide information to the testes to produce testosterone and circulate it into the bloodstream, this material can also improve mood and increase sexual arousal.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin is a very important nutrient for overall body health, which you can get from the sun's rays on your body, but many people rarely get vitamin D from the sun, so Prime Male provides it for you.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 works together with Vitamin D3 to work more optimally for you to increase testosterone levels in the body, many studies have proven the efficacy of Vitamin K2 to increase testosterone levels.


lack of zinc can inhibit the release of luteinizing, a hormone that can stimulate the production of testosterone, therefore the zinc contained in Prime Male can help you so that your body doesn't lack zinc.

Prime Male - Testimonials

testimonials 1

Raymond, Australia

Age: 60
Goals: To improve my fitness and Prime Male is helping me get closer to where I want to be.

"Now I am 60 years old, and have started using Prime Male for the last 3 months, before that I have used various supplements and Prime Male is the best supplement I have ever gotten, because I experienced increased endurance and stamina.

Besides that, I also find it very difficult to sleep, and after using Prime Male I sleep better and after waking up I feel fitter with more energy and stamina.

Now I have lost about 6kg because the more fat burning I feel and my upper body muscles are getting stronger and more proportionate."

testimonials 2

Rod, Australia

Age: 42
Goals: I use PrimeMale to raise my testosterone level to help with my weight training and energy levels.

"I am currently 42 years old, I regularly weight training and cardio for 6 days a week, but the results are not yet visible, after I started using Prime Male, I started to feel an increase in energy and endurance during training.

I got tremendous benefits, it's not just a testosterone booster but more than that, it's a lot of benefits that I get. I have been using it for two months and for sure I will buy it again for the following months, I highly recommend this product for men who want to return to their youthful performance.
thanks for Prime Male"

testimonials 3

Gavin, United Kingdom

Age: 32
Goals: Increase Lean Muscle Mass

"I use Prime Male to help with my workout at the Gym, in just a matter of weeks I start to feel tremendous improvement, I feel stronger and have higher endurance so I can train longer, burn more body fat, my energy like endless. Prime Male has really accelerated me to gain lean muscle, besides that I also experienced a significant improvement in my sexuality.

This is truly an amazing product, and I would recommend Prime Male to all men who need a testosterone booster and other enhancement supplement.

I really say thank you for this product. I will buy supplies for the following months."

testimonials 4

Jarel, United States

Age: 30
Goals: Better sex drive, more energy, get that ripped muscular look, which I have gotten my six pack back YES!!!, and all in all be in better health like in my prime.

"I was eager to have the performance I felt when I was in my 20s, finally I decided to use a testosterone boosting supplement to improve my overall health to achieve my goals, And Prime Male is the right choice for me to restore my performance and strength.

Prime Male really gave the maximum results for me, I got all the boost I wanted, my energy and sex drive got even higher, I really had experiences like I was young, Prime Male has really changed my life. I am very grateful to this Product and I would recommend it to any man who wants to improve his quality of life."

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How To Buy In Australia?

You can buy Prime Male online directly from the official website to ensure the authenticity of the product you receive and you will get many attractive benefits. If you get it elsewhere, of course you cannot guarantee the authenticity of the product you receive and there is no guarantee that you will get it.

Therefore it is highly recommended that you buy directly from the official website, you can also get discounted prices and attractive bonuses such as buy 3 boxes of 1 free and free shipping worldwide. You can pay using a Credit or Debit Card and other available payment methods. You can visit the official Prime Male website by clicking on the link below.

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